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Changing a Price for an Order (Purchase Orders only)

If you need to change a price for a product after an order has been placed you can do so directly in the Order detail page.

Note: This will change the price only for the order you are editing. The price in the product listing will remain unchanged.


1. Click "Orders" under "Orders & Delivery", then click into the order that you need to adjust a price for.


2. Under the "Price" column you'll see the price for each product. Click the price that you want to edit.

3. You'll be taken into the price editing screen where you can adjust your price. Once you have entered the new price, click "Edit Price".

4. The price will update in the order view, pick lists, packing slips and invoice (for PO orders). The order view Audit Trail will also update so you have a record of the price change.

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