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Paying Suppliers

This article provides the information a Market Manager needs to pay a producer. Read below to find the instructions pertaining to your Local Orbit service level.

For all orders paid by Purchase Order, you can pay your Suppliers offline and then record the payment you made in the  “Record Payments to Vendors” section to track those payments. Your Suppliers will also see the payment recorded in their Financial section within their account.

  1. Under the Financials section, click the “Record Payments to Vendors”  tab.

  2. Select the orders you want to pay.

  3. Click “Record Payment”.




4. On the next screen, choose the method (cash or check) with which you are paying your Supplier. If you choose check, enter the check number. You can also record any notes relevant to the payment in the “Note” section. Click the “Record Payment” button when you are done. The payment will now appear in your “Review Payment History” tab.


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