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Financial Management - An Overiew for Market Managers

This tutorial provides Market Managers with an introduction to the Financial Management section.

From your dashboard click Financials. From there you will see 5 tabs that contain your Market’s financial information.

Overview Tab: This section is a snapshot of all money currently owed to your organization and that you owe to other organizations.


Send Invoices Tab: This is where you can preview, print or email invoices to customers.


Enter Receipts Tab: You can re-issue overdue invoices from this tab, and record payments received offline. Once an invoice has been paid, receivables become receipts and move to the “Record Payments to Vendors” tab.


Record Payments to Vendors Tab: This is where you can record payments you make to your sellers.   


Review Payment History Tab: All completed payments to and from your market are listed here. You can download a csv file from the Payment History to import into your accounting system.



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