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Seller Invite #2

This e-mail is for use when you invite a Seller by completing the following steps: Click on Organizations under Market Administration in your Dashboard. Select + New Organization. *Please note that these instructions are only for this specific way of inviting Sellers.


Dear (insert Seller’s name),

Thank you for your interest in selling your products through (insert your Market’s name) online marketplace, powered by Local Orbit. I've registered your organization and have signed you up as a new user.

To log-in to our site, please use these credentials:

URL:http://springfield.localorb.it (insert your Market’s URL)
Email: johndoe@thisgreatfarm.com (insert Seller’s email address)
Password: johndoe (insert password you created for Seller)

Please note that you will need to change your password as soon as you log in:

1. Click on the “Account” tab
2. Click on “Email & Password”
3. Click on the “Password Security” tab
4. Change your password
5. Click “Save”

It is helpful to read these brief tutorials on how to use this website. (You must first be logged into our (insert your market’s name) site to view the tutorials.)

Please also take a moment to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures. [Insert your Market's policies and other information such as delivery procedures and food safety requirements].

If you have any issues setting up your profile, uploading products or any other technical questions, you can reach out to the Local Orbit Community Support Team here.

Once again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to helping you grow your business.

(insert your name)
(insert your Market’s name) Market Manager

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