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Can I Suspend my Account?

Q. Can I suspend my account for a few months and start up again?

A. We do not offer account suspension. We highly recommend you keep your market open even during slower months. Our transaction fee model takes into consideration seasonality, so if your sales are down your fees to Local Orbit will be down as well.  

If you are still interested in closing your market for a few months continue to paying your monthly service fee and we will maintain your site and all your data.  If you choose to not to pay your monthly service fees we will be unable to maintain your account and all your data will be deleted.  We will be sorry to see you go, but you can export all your information into spreadsheets using the CSV download feature on most tables and in the reports section.

Please note: After our 30-day guarantee, if you have chosen the option to pay annually we cannot issue refunds if you choose to close your market for a few months or delete your account.

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