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Can I assign just wholesale or retail pricing to my customers?

We have carefully considered our decision to allow all buyer types to see both wholesale and retail prices, therefore you may not assign different visibility options to different customer types.  One of the deciding factors for us came down to our commitment to transparency and hiding pricing breaches that commitment.  Consumers are accustomed to seeing bulk pricing options and it could help increase sales for your sellers who offer this. Folks might buy more to can or freeze, or they might get extra to share with friends. If they buy the quantity of a restaurant, they should get the same price.

It's actually a proven sales tactic - we buy more when we get quantity pricing (e.g. by 3 for $10 gets us to buy 3 for a bit of savings, even if we can buy 1 for $3.75 - and, in fact, even if you get one for $3.33)

In addition our system allows for advanced pricing options to offer a specific buyer special pricing on a per product basis.  This is discussed in the advanced pricing tutorial.

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