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Getting Ready to Open Your Market-Communications Plan

It is important that you have a good communications plan in place to spread the word about your market’s opening day. Below are some tips for using the Marketing tools to create buzz about your market.


  • 3-4 Weeks ahead of opening:

    • For Sellers: Plan and host an open house, this is a great way to generate seller excitement about your Local Orbit powered market and give everyone a chance to meet each other. An event of this type is the perfect opportunity for your sellers to share their plans for the season, network and swap ideas. You can also use the opportunity to share any market news, policies and procedures while everyone is in the same room.

    • For Buyers: Plan and host an event where you present your market plans and information to potential buyers.

    • This is also a good time to solicit feedback from your buyers about what they expect and how the market can work best for them. This can help them feel engaged and more interested in participating.

    • Make sure to have promotional materials on hand that your buyers can take with them.

    • Start building a contact list with phone numbers and emails.


  • 1-2 Weeks ahead of opening:

    • Send a newsletter to your sellers letting them know that they need to have their products uploaded w/inventory and the date the market is opening and the date of the first order delivery.

    • Send a newsletter to your buyers letting them know the opening date and when they can start browsing the catalogue. Note, if you plan to let     them preview the catalogue ahead of the start of the first delivery cycle, make sure to let them know that they should not place an order until the official opening day. This would also be a good time to add any other market policies/procedures, explain the order/delivery cycle, etc. You might also consider including a list of sellers or any other info that might entice them to browse the site. Here is how to send newsletters through the system.

    • For Buyers: Plan and host another event that showcases your sellers, their stories and their product. This can be a great way to create buzz about your market and get buyers ready to log in and shop. Invite buyers to come and sample products listed on the site and meet the producers behind the products.

    • Make sure to have promotional materials on hand that your buyers can take with them.

    • Take pictures of the event, people and food and post to your social media sites to promote your market.


  • 2-3 days before opening:

    • Send a reminder newsletter to sellers to get their prices and products up.

    • Send a reminder newsletter to buyers about opening day, include a preview of products that will be available. Let them know that you’ll send a Fresh Sheet opening day.


  • Opening Day:

    • Send a Fresh Sheet.

    • First thing in the morning, make sure all producers have listed their products and call any who have not.

    • Call all of your prospective customers one by one to remind them it’s ordering day. “Will you be able to go online and place an order today?” Tell them to call or email you back if they have any questions or need any help.

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