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Using The Style Chooser Tool to Custom Brand Your Market

Customizing the look of your Market can go a long way in building brand awareness, optimizing your marketing efforts and growing your sales.

With Local Orbit's new Style Chooser Tool,  you can quickly change the look and feel of your brand with just a few simple clicks.

1. From your Dashboard click the “Market Admin” tab and select “Markets”, then select your Market. *Note - if you only manage one market, you will be taken straight to the Edit Market page.

Once you have selected your Market, click on the “Style Chooser” tab. From there you will see options to: 
1. Choose an Accent/Font Color
2. Choose a Font
3. Choose a Background

*Note: In the Choose a Background section you can choose either a solid color or an image from the group of images shown on the page. You will also notice that if you are choosing a color, your selected color will appear in the top left box with the other images. In this case the chosen color is white, so the top left box is white.

4. When you have made your selections you can click “Preview” and view what your page will look like.
If you are satisfied with your choices, click “Save”

5. If you would like to make changes you can click “Revert” to go back to your default choice.

*If you manage multiple markets, you can easily change the look and feel for each market by editing the Markets individually.

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