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Planning Your Featured Promotions: Best Practices

It is a good idea to plan out your weekly featured promotions well in advance. This is essential for keeping you and your Suppliers organized and, in turn, prepared. Make sure your Suppliers have photos, descriptions and plenty of inventory on hand when their Featured Promotion is active.

Here is more information on Using the Featured Promotion Tool.

You can easily create a simple spreadsheet or use a calendar or planner to see at a glance which Supplier is going to be featured for any given week.

We have created a sample spreadsheet for you to use. You can find a copy to download at the end of this article.


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    Monica Meier

    The link to Featured Promotional Tool is not active. Have you considered short videos also? Would be great!

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    Hi Lynne,

    Try accessing it now, I had to set you up with the proper permissions. 



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