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Adding/Editing Items for Orders Placed by PO (Purchase Order)

Adding items to an order that was placed by a customer via PO (purchase order) is simple and can be done up until payment for that order has been recorded by the Market Manager. Here is a step-by-step look at how to add new items or edit quantities of ordered items to an existing order:


1. Navigate to the “Orders & Delivery” tab and click “Orders”




2. Select the order you want to edit, you’ll see the “Add Items” button at the bottom of the order page view, click on that




3. Once you have entered the order editing screen you’ll see at the bottom of the page a section where you can scroll through the in-stock items. You’ll also see the quantities of items currently ordered, you’ll be able to edit those as well. Choose the products that you’d like to add to the order and edit quantities of existing items. Once you have made all the changes that you need, click on the “Add Items and Update Quantities” button. If changes are made prior to the order being marked delivered, they will appear in all views of the order, the “Upcoming Deliveries” section (includes pick lists, packing slips and order summary) and in the Financials section.


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