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How to Create Discount Codes

How to Create Discount Codes

Offering discount codes is a great way to promote products and increase sales. The wide range of options allows you the opportunity to configure the code to best fit your business needs. You can also create multiple codes for different promotions.

1. Click Discount Codes under the Marketing section in your Dashboard.

2. Click “Create New Code” on the right side of the page.

3. Select the options shown below to customize the discount code to best fit your needs. Then click Save and Continue Editing, or click Save and Go Back when you are finished.


How the financials work:  

If you select a discount for items from a specific seller or for a specific product, the discount will only apply to those items, and other products in an order will not be discounted.

If the discount is for the entire order, it will be proportionately applied across all items in the order.  For example, let's say a buyer adds two items to their cart, from two different sellers, and each item costs $50, for a pre-discount total of $100.  Then the buyer enters a code that provides a $10 discount, which brings the order total to $90.  Each item will be discounted $5, and any fees deducted for the market, credit card processor and Local Orbit will be calculated from the $90 total.  The seller will receive the discounted amount, minus the fees - so if the total fees are 10%, each seller would net $40.50.  

Order Total: $100 - $10 = $90

Each Item: $45 - $4.50 = $40.50 net


Note: Discount codes do not deduct value on dollar amount codes.   For instance, if the code offers a $25 discount and the buyer spends only $10 in an order, there is no way to reuse the remaining $15.  

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