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Setting Up Cross Selling

How do I set up my market to cross-sell between markets?

Cross-selling means allowing one market to sell its products in another market. Say you currently manage a market; it’s for selling wholesale products to restaurant buyers only. You want to expand to selling to consumers, and would like to have your current suppliers list their products in your new market as well. In Local Orbit, cross selling is managed by creating lists of products and suppliers that you want cross sold, then sharing that list with the appropriate market(s). 

First, you will need to contact a Local Orbit administrator, who can create new markets and enable the cross selling functionality for you. Email service@localorbit.com to request this.  

Second, we highly recommend you fully setup your new market(s), including adding delivery days. Once that's done, you can move to creating a cross sell list.

Step 1: Navigate to the Market Info tab from your Market Admin page. Select the market where the products are currently listed. In this case, Springfield Demo Market.

Step 2: From the Market Info tab, click on the Cross Sell tab and click the "Turn on Cross Selling" button.


Step 3: Click on Add Cross Sell List


Step 4: 

  1. Create a List Name.
  2. Under List Visibility, check the box next to the markets you want to cross sell to.
  3. Keep the List Status as Daft until you've finalized your product list.
  4. Click Create List

Local_Orbit.pngStep 5: Once the list is created, click the Add Products button to select your products and suppliers to cross list. 


Step 6: You may select products by supplier, category, or individual. In this case, I'm going to select only tomatoes. Once you have all the products selected, click the "Update List" button. 



Step 7: You will see all of the products you've selected, and you can make edits to the list whenever you need to by clicking the "Manage Products" button.

To finalize your list, move the Status to Published and click the "Update List" button. 


Step 8: The final step is to navigate to the Cross Sell tab on the market you're selling into and Subscribe to the shared list. In this case, we've navigated to the Fresh Farms Demo Market cross sell tab. Under "My Subscriptions" you'll see how many lists are shared with this market, click the link. 



You'll notice that this market is already accepting a list and the Status is Active. Click on the list with the Pending status.


You may review and edit the list as needed by clicking Manage Visibility. Once complete, move the List Status to Active and click the "Update List" button. 


If you wish to maintain the same units and pricing availability, your cross selling list is now active and ready for buyers. Follow the steps below to update pricing. 

Step 9:

Once a cross selling list has been moved to Active, all products on the list will automatically have all delivery days selected and be available in the new market. You can easily edit this and control the prices and units that will appear in which market. To do so, navigate to the product page of the product you want to edit. Then click on the pricing tab. From here, you have several options.

Adding a price with a specific market selected under the Market column will enable that price only for that market. Listing prices under a unit with a specific market selected means that unit it only available on the market selected (See Flats, 50lbs in screenshot below). 

You may also want to modify which delivery days a product is available. To do that, follow these steps:

Click the Product Info tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Check or uncheck the delivery days, as necessary. Remember to Save your work.



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