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Using the "Fresh Sheet" Marketing Tool

Using the "Fresh Sheet" Marketing Tool

The Fresh Sheet was designed as a sales tool for you to encourage your buyers to make purchases. The Fresh Sheet is a list of your market's current products with an inventory greater than zero. It is organized by category type and alphabetized by product name within the category. Follow these simple steps to create a new Fresh Sheet.

1. In the center navigation of your Market Manager dashboard choose Fresh Sheet located in the Marketing tab.




2. You can edit product quantities directly on the Fresh Sheet preview. 


3. If you’d like to add a note to your Fresh Sheet you can add that by clicking “Add Note”.


4. You can send yourself a test to verify all functionalities by clicking “Send Test”.




5. Once the test was successful, you are ready to launch. Click the “Send To Everyone Now” button.



A few things to note:

  • The email will be sent to all registered users when you click “Send to Everyone Now”. This includes buyers, sellers and market managers.

  • We recommend using the Newsletter tool to advise your sellers that you will be sending out a Fresh Sheet soon. Give them a deadline of updating their inventory in the system so the Fresh Sheet is 100% accurate. Remember, the inventory is in real time.

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