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Verifying Seller Information

Verifying Seller Information

As the Market Manager, it is key to audit the products and profiles in your store. To start off, we recommend that you check in with your sellers just a few days after they've signed up and verify the following information:

1. Have they set up a profile? You will know by clicking on Market Information and verifying if they show up in your list of sellers. Note: you may also verify by clicking on Our Sellers from your dashboard, or by reviewing their profile from the "Organization" section in your Market Administration tab.

2. Have they uploaded an image?

3. Have they entered the "who"?

4. Have they entered the "how"?

5. Have they entered a correct address?

6. Have they uploaded products and added inventory? Note: if a product is uploaded but inventory is set to "0" it will not show up in this example. To verify if they have started uploading products click on "Products" from your Market Administration tab and search by their organization name.

An example of a completed market profile is below, for reference.

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