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Setting up your Market

Setting up your profile is a Market Manager's first priority. We’ve made it easy to quickly get up and running!

Market Administration

  1. Log in to your site using the domain and credentials that were given to you by your Local Orbit Community Manager.
  2. In the Market Admin section, click on Market in the dropdown.
  3. Select your Market.

  4. Using the tabs, navigate through and customize each field, starting with the Market Info tab. Enter in your market information here, this information will appear in the Market Info section of your site.

Managers tab

  1. To invite other users to have access as a market manager to your Market click on the Mangers tab and add their email address.
  2. Click Add Market Manager button to send an email invitation.


Addresses tab

  1. Under the Addresses tab, you add the location(s) of your operation. This may include your drop off sites for suppliers, pick up sites for buyers, and your main business address. It's recommended that you add addresses before setting up delivery days and times. 
  2. Make sure you have your main billing address added as an address, this is required to accept credit cards in your market. 

Delivery tab

  1. When you reach the “Delivery” tab, select the button that says Add New Delivery Option. Once clicked, complete each field listed. Then click Save This Delivery Option. Accelerate Plan customers may also select additional delivery cycles, including bi-weekly and monthly - all the other fields must be completed as usual.

    *It is important to have a delivery day selected for your market.  Failure to do so will prohibit your markets’ products from showing up in the Shop pages because, when adding products, the producer has to select which delivery day the product is available for.

 Payment Methods tab

  1. The Payment Methods tab is where you add a credit card to pay your Local Orbit subscription fee. Please do this immediately once you have been provided access to your market. 

Style Chooser tab

  1. Click the “Style Chooser” button. (Available for Grow Plans) (For more information on the Style Chooser Tool, click here.)
    • Choose a Font Color
    • Choose a Font
    • Choose a Background
      *Note that in the Choose a Background section you can choose either a solid color or an image from the group of images shown on the page. You will also notice that if you are choosing a color, your selected color will appear in the top left box with the other images. In this case the chosen color is white, so the top left box is white.

  2. When you have made your selections you can click Preview and view what your page will look like.
  3. If you are satisfied with your choices, clickSave .
  4. If you would like to make changes you can click Revert to go back to your default choice.



 Now, your profile is all set up. You can return to this section and make edits at any time.


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