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Recruiting: Tips for Bringing Sellers Into your Local Orbit Market


Recruiting: Tips for Bringing Sellers Into your Local Orbit Market

Recruiting sellers is the first step in building your market. Finding the right sellers can make your job easier and your site more successful. To get started:

  • Make a list of all the producers you currently work with and their main categories of products.

    • Rank producers in terms of reliability and tech savviness. Sellers who are more comfortable with listing their own products are the most promising.

    • Highlight the "lead producers" that promote new ideas to their colleagues.

  • Identify the  top 10 producers based on these factors. Prioritizing product reliability, tech savviness and access, and lead producers will fill your storefront the fastest.

    • Consider product diversity. For instance, if five favorable producers are in the dairy category, plan to work only with the top 2 producers only, until other product categories are filled in with good candidates.

  • Once you have determined your priority producers, contact them directly and invite them to a one-on-one demo.

    • At the meeting, show them Local Orbit’s site, explain your motivation, and invite them to join in. Create an account for them and list three items. They don't need to know prices or have inventory. Just get them started.

    • Make sure to send them their login information so they can review the site on their own.

    • Schedule a followup meeting within a week.

  • Within 2 weeks of meeting your priority producers, hold an open house event for all producers interested.

    • Advertise, make it a party, bring food. Make it a part of a larger event that they will be attending anyways, such as an annual farmer's market meeting, for example. Sign up as many producers as you can.

    • Remember, the more the merrier. A completely stocked storefront is the most important factor in initial success with your Local orbit powered market. Remind producers that this is a collaborative effort, not a competitive one. Online buyers want one-stop shopping, and a diversity of offerings is key.

    • Consider allowing sellers from other Local Orbit markets to join your market as a quick way to get started. They already know the routine!

  • Follow up with all registrations within a week. Ask if you can help or provide support. Offer to get them started with a few products, but make it clear that they will need to manage items once they are in (unless you are willing to manage inventories for them).

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