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Advanced Pricing

Advanced pricing was created for you to offer discounted products for a specific buyer. If you cross-sell on multiple Markets you may also choose to offer special pricing to particular Markets.

To have special pricing show up for a particular customer just follow these simple steps:

  1. In order to use advanced pricing, you first need to find the product you're interested in editing. Select “Products” from your dashboard, then click on the name of the product you wish to modify.

  2. Next, click the “Pricing” tab, then click “Add Price”

  3. From here you can select the Market and Buyer that will receive the special pricing. You can set the price by filling in either the “Net Price” field or the “Sales Price” field.

  4. For more information on general pricing see the pricing section.

  5. You can also set a minimum quantity if you wish for the special price to apply only if a minimum quantity is purchased. Click “Save This Price” when you are finished making changes.

  6. When your customer with special pricing logs in and clicks on this product they will see their special pricing highlighted.



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