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Pricing Meat and Other Items with Variable Weights

Meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other products are traditionally priced by the pound. Buyers pay different prices according to the specific weight of their cut.

But when pre-paying on Local Orbit, it is impossible to predict the weight of such items. Charging an average price isn't ideal either.

At Local Orbit, we have worked with growers to create a system that is fair to everyone:

  1. Determine the typical weight range of the item you are selling. A roast, for instance, can be anywhere from 4-6 lbs.
  2. Charge the maximum amount for a roast, and list the price per pound in your product's description. In our example, you would charge $60 for a roast and explain in the description that it is $10 per pound and can range from 4-6 lbs.
  3. The customer pays the full $60.
  4. On delivery day, record the specific weight of your item and report it in writing to your market manager.
  5. Let's say you deliver a 5-lb. roast. The market manager will record the weight and price difference, and edit the quantity and let the customer know at pickup/delivery that they will be receiving a refund, in this case, of $10.
  6. You will be paid for your 5 lb. of roast. The customer will receive a refund for $10.
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