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How do I sign up to sell on a Local Orbit powered market?

Signing up with a Local Orbit powered market is easy:

Once you receive the direct link from the Market Manager at your local market, follow these simple steps below:


1) Click the link you were sent. Once you are on the page click "Request an Account”.



2) Choose what type of account you want, fill out the form, and click “Sign Up”.


3) You'll be automatically directed to your Dashboard, where you'll see a note letting you know about your account status. In order to sell through a Local Orbit powered market you must be approved by the Market Manager. Market Managers receive a notification about your registration and are usually quick to get you approved.  


4)  Make sure to check your email for a message from us about verifying your email address. All customers must click the link in this email to verify the correct address. The email will look similar to this:


5) Once you’ve clicked the link to verify your email address and the Market Manager has approved your account you can proceed to setting up your seller profile and uploading products. Have fun!


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