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Reconciling Your Payments

This tutorial provides instructions for suppliers on reconciling payments against orders. The first thing to understand is how pricing works.

Part of adding a product is creating pricing. You do this on the Pricing tab for your products.

You'll notice there is an Estimated Net Price and Sale Price. The Estimated Net Price is an estimated amount you will receive for that unit and the Sale Price is the amount the buyer pays. The Net Price on the pricing tab is estimated because the final net price from transactions is affected by credit card processing fees and the fee the market charges. It's important to understand that due to the variable nature of these fees, the Estimated Net Price is not the final amount you will receive for that unit - you could receive slightly more or less. 

The Local Orbit system automatically calculates the appropriate fees and subtracts them from your orders, providing you with your net for each order (and each product in those orders). If you want a detailed breakdown of how fees are calculated, visit our fee overview tutorial.

To see how much you're owed for orders follow these instructions: 

1. Log into your supplier account and navigate to your Orders page.


2. Here, you can easily see what your net sale for each order is under the Amount Owed column. 


3. For a detailed breakdown of the fees, click into an order and scroll down to the Order Totals section. This outlines any Market and/or Payment Processing Fees that have been charged. The Net Sale is also included. 


4. Need product by product net sale information? You can see this information across multiple orders under your Reports section. You can even see if your market has paid you for this order under the Supplier Payment Status column. 

5. There's a final step for reconciling your payments. Markets will often batch pay you for orders, so instead of receiving an individual payment for 5 orders, you'll have one payment for all 5. You can see which orders have been included in payments on your Payment History tab under Financials. Click the + to see all the included orders. 


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