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How do I Sell in Multiple Markets?

Your primary Market is the location that you chose when registering for your account. You may sell on multiple marketplaces, all from one seller's account.


If you're interested in selling to more than one Market, contact your Market Manager to discuss which other Markets you might be able to sell to.


Once your Market Manager approves you to cross-sell, here is what you need to know:


*Important: You do not need to create another user account to cross sell.  Simply follow these steps.


Note: Once the Market Manager has added cross-selling as a feature you will need to verify that you can fulfill the orders on the new Market's delivery day.  Ask your Market Manager to confirm the delivery days associated with the new Market.  Please note, Market Managers have the ability to require all products to be sold on all delivery days.  Verify with your Market Manager if this is the case for you. .  


1: Once you are verified you will need to turn on cross selling. To do so, click on “Account”, then “Your Organization” you should then see the “Cross Sell” tab (this will only appear once the Market Manager has allowed this market to cross sell).  


2.Select the market you wish to cross sell in.



3.  Edit your existing products.  You must add the new Market/delivery day for all existing products.  Moving forward, when you add a new product, the cross sell options will appear in the delivery section.


4.Click on “Products” from your dashboard navigation and select the first product you wish to edit



5.  Scroll down to the Delivery Times section and select the new market’s delivery option.



6. Continue with each additional product.

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