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Product Import Documentation

This tutorial provides detailed instructions for using the product import feature available on the Accelerate plan. This feature allows you to add multiple products and/or update multiple products at once.

This document can be used to determine what information should go in which column of your Product Upload Template .CSV file, so you can have a successful product upload. You can download a template for your CSV file with all of the correct headers already in it on the same page where you downloaded this documentation.

How to Upload Products

  • Upload a CSV file to the upload tool with the appropriate (required) headers, as detailed in the guide below. 
  • If you enter an invalid file (the wrong file type, incorrectly formatted, missing any required headers…) your upload will fail.
  • Each unique product is identified by:
    • Product Name
    • Category Name
    • Organization Name
    • Market Subdomain
  • Each unique product-unit combination is identified by the above, plus:
    • Unit name
  • If you upload a product that already exists in your market, all information will overwrite the existing data.
  • Any difference in the unique identifiers above will create a new product.
  • You may upload multiple units for a product by adding a new row with the same product name, organization, subdomain, and category.
  • Most columns in the CSV are required (see glossary at end of page for details), but even if left empty do not delete any column headers.
  • You must upload a CSV file. An .xls, .xlsx file, or any other formats currently cannot be processed by our upload system.
    • Additional format handling is in our future development queue.

Detail: Errors and Feedback in the Product Upload Process

  • If the file you choose for upload is in an invalid format – for instance, if it is not a .CSV file, or if it is missing any required headers – none of the upload will be processed, and you will see an error message, with an option to return to the original upload screen.
  • If the sheet is in proper format, it is processed row by row.
    • You will see any errors by row in an emailed report when the upload has completed processing.
    • The number of products successfully uploaded will be shown on the report. This includes any products included in your file that were already in your catalog that were updated.
  • If there are no errors, the error section of the email report will be blank.

Visual Guide: New Product Importing

1. Navigate to the Imports section under Market Admin. Download the CSV Template for products. 

2. Fill in the Product Upload CSV template with required information (see the bottom of this page for a terms glossary):


In this file, I am uploading 2 products for my supplier Springfield:

-Apples, New - one Box unit and one Case unit. To add multiple units for the same product, just add a new line item with the same information but different Unit Name.

-Oranges, New - Pound unit. You'll notice that the Unit Description was left blank for Oranges - this will cause an error when we upload it, make sure to fill in all required fields!

Save the file and navigate back to the Import section on your market. 

3. Click Choose File, and select your product file. Then click Import. 

4. Once it's finished processing, you'll receive an email with results. If errors are present, it will inform you what line and what error has occurred. 

Updating Existing Products

If you are updating existing products, we recommend exporting your existing catalogue, so you don't accidentally overwrite product information.

Simply make the desired edits and upload the saved file to your market. You may update and add new products simultaneously using this file. Follow the instructions above. Note: edits made to an existing product will overwrite information currently on your market. 


Terms Glossary: Product Template Columns and Terms (required fields are in bold below)

Organization: The supplier organization the product is listed under (supplier organizations must be added to your market before you import products for them).

Market Subdomain: The portion of your market's URL preceding .localorbit.com - in this case it's springfield.localorbit.com. Do NOT put the full URL, only your subdomain.

Product Name: The name of the product.

Category Name: The name of the category this will be listed under.

Short Description: This shows on the Order page, must not exceed 50 characters.

Product Code: This is for your own internal use and may be any alphanumeric sequence. May be left blank.

Unit Name: The name of the unit you're listing the product under. 

Unit Description: A short description of what the unit is - often used to indicate the number of products in a unit, e.g. 12 per box. Must not exceed 20 characters. 

Price: The per unit price.

Current Inventory: This is only used when exporting your product list from the platform - leave blank. 

New Inventory: This is the new unit inventory that will be uploaded to the platform. It will be added to any existing inventory if the product already exists. 

Product ID: Leave blank, this is for internal use only. 


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