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Merging and Duplicating Orders

Merging Orders

With the merge order function, you can combine two orders from the same buyer, as long as neither is marked as delivered. Combining orders merges the orders throughout the system - including on pick lists, packing slips, and in the financials section. While there are many occasions where you may want to do this, we'll look at a situation where a buyer placed 1 order for their desired delivery day, then placed another to supplement the order, but choose the wrong delivery day.  

We want Bistro Lebeau's products to arrive on 12/09/2016, so we need to merge the supplemental Order #48595 into Order #48490.

We'll click on Order #48595, then click the Merge Order button. 

Enter the order number you want to merge into, then click merge. The orders are now merged!


Duplicating Orders

Duplicating an order allows you to completely recreate it for delivery on the next closest delivery day. Simply navigate to the order you want to duplicate, then click the Duplicate Order button. You may also use this to create an order template from a previous order. Just click the "Create an order template from this cart" link in the cart view once you've duplicated the order. 




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