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Advanced Inventory Features

The advanced inventory options allow you to add lot numbers, good from and expiration dates, and segment inventory by buyer and market. Lot numbers and good from dates are available to our Grow Plan and Accelerate Plan customers. Segmented inventory is available only for Accelerate Plan customers. 

First, navigate to the inventory page for one of your products. Click the Show Advanced Inventory Options box to enable these features. 

Lot #: This field will accept any alphanumeric sequence. Lot numbers will show throughout the fulfillment tools, and you can find a Lot report under the Reports section. 

Good From: Entering a date in this field is when that inventory will be available for buyers to purchase. If left blank, the inventory will be available immediately. 

Expires On: The platform will remove the inventory from circulation when this date is reached (or when a buyer's delivery day selection is after this date).

Quantity: This is the number of units available for the selections you've made. 

Segmenting Inventory

Segmenting inventory allows you to allocate inventory to certain buyers and/or markets - allowing only that buyer of market to purchase that inventory. Note: The buyer or market listed will be able to purchase general inventory once their allocation has been purchased.

To segment inventory, simply select a buyer or market under the drop downs, add inventory and click "Add."

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